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Why Universky?

For a synthesized distributors or direct suppliers, one unique product range and supply chain means the most competitive advantage in the market. Universky is committed to keep innovating products, service and business model in MRO field to support industry, marine & offshore, construction with convenience, good quality, short delivery and competitive prices. It is riskless in free quantity and configure to what you exactly want.

Why Professional?

Our teams need to evaluate most of the factory sources around China for a single similar product to know their abilities and limits, and all famous logos supplying the similar one to get all advantages. Along with that, our sales team must understand exactly what are our customer and his end users want. But that is not enough. We must not only learn better or modify insufficient but also configure and innovate something distinct. Hereafter the customer can try without any risks until the cycle is smooth and rewarded. Only if our customers enjoy a stronger market position, our team will switch to a management of product lifetime in the market for them.
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