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Why Universky?

When the company started to provide engineering solution with MRO products to diverse factories and workshops in China, we found that was not enough if you just compare “apple to apple” within a single product. Every industry sector has its own characteristics and even one product has connections with other targets beyond itself.
Thus, “system” has been another key word at Universky. But how seeing the forest from the trees and how seeing the trees from the forest – system thinking? What we do is that a much closed working with professional guilds. Till 2012, the company has been connected with 7 trade associations, like wood industry, welding dept., metal working, furniture, windows & doors, auto industry etc.
This system thinking also enables us to expand our customers’ business is his market naturally and definitely.

Why Professional?

In the local, the company has much professional experience from both product developing and manufacturing, and engineering solution to industrial users with a certain product. It enhances our understanding of oversea customers’ target market – not only application, users’ concern but also market structure and trends. The company has such aim – when we develop something with our customers, we must be professional enough and build a connection with this industrial sector.
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