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Why Universky?

Around 2000, some Singaporean marine distributors and suppliers start the marine sourcing in China. Universky was naturally getting its MRO products into marine due its flexible quantity policy and strong ability to develop specific products for marine. Hereafter China shipbuilding starts to rise up too.
Our teams have been working closely with some leading ship supplies companies, which are tightly related with Asia shipbuilding in Korea, Japan and China. From marine hardware manufacturing and sourcing, the company stretched its supplies to all of engine store, most of cabin and deck store.
In 2007, through our friend from Fuji, we become IMPA member and at that time, we are the only company from China joining IMPA in the role of distributor, which only work with oversea distributors and ship chandlers but never and won’t supply directly to ship.

Why Professional?

Our system thinking is perfectly corroborated by our section supplies to marine. We are not only thinking from the disposing of MRO products for ship & offshore, but also the general target of a series of parts and products. We are surely not going to supplying everything but engaged to achieve several clear targets of maintenance, repair or operation for a ship or an energy platform.
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