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Engineering Solution

So far, this activity is mostly for our local customers. We work together with our local wholesaler partner, to solve users’ problems and difficulties, but more importance is that we are trying to help them for the improvement of convenience, cost cut and producing quality.
However, we have been trying to work with our oversea partner to improve their supplies chain, to have better replacement on application too. The founder believes that this service will finally make the company more different from the most of common exporters.

Design & Branding

This is what impressed our customers from the company actually. People often feel like that they have purchased the merchandises from European or American companies while they authorize the design and branding to us. Our VI design and engineering design are not only with industrial fashion but also as attentive as quality care.


This is a foreign trader’s traditional value to their oversea customers. But we still have our own understanding about professionals. This is beyond you know something but being able to inspire the good but modify insufficient. Also we always remember whatever you get a good sourcing, that should be a perfect combination of users’ concern from target market and the corresponding advantages.


The company has 37,700SQM facilities and 9,000SQM warehouse as well a professional team to organize material control and logistics. The company also has coding system to assure accurate operations for assorted products.

Supply Chain Management

Our core businesses themselves need a high level SCM actually since there are more than thousands of MRO products and we must assure every of them professional and being with a full value and a reasonable lifetime in the market. In another hand, SCM with professionals is our key competitiveness, which is of course from our enterprising teams. That is really not easy, we trust Plan-Do-Check-Action with team works are all means to construct a high quality supply chain. We are ready and open to share our gains with our customers.
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